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Companies That Are Under Threat from Driverless Cars

Major stakeholders in the world of technology are putting their energies on the idea of having cars which are automated, and this could be a changer twenty years to come. The notion of developing automated cars is achievable in less time than we thought. If this becomes a reality, it will be one of the highest innovations in the technology world ever seen. Technological industries and automotive companies will rake in huge revenue, but this will, on the other hand, affect some companies survival. It will be a situation of adaptation or become extinct for so many sectors. However, there are some which will be greatly affected.

One of the industries to be affected by this will be the insurance industry. To implement the autonomous cars, there will have to be certainty that they are flawless. Errors in technology cannot be allowed unlike in cases where human error is allowed since a possible tragedy in a technological hitch can be massive. This means that, as time progresses and the safety of the cars is guaranteed, fewer people will see the need for motor insurance. Insurance companies will, therefore, be in for major losses and so will be for car accident lawyers.

The realization will also affect people who drive as a profession. The Uber company has made it aware that their drivers will lose jobs to the driverless cars after they are launched. Career drivers will be on a low demand once this is realized and will affect drivers across all fields such as for the trucks, ambulances, taxi and others. This is because this type of technology will allow companies to manage their fleets and enhance efficiency with reduced costs. Only a small number of human resource will be required to manage the machines and will eventually be reduced to a small number as much as possible.

The hotel industry will also be affected by this innovation. Over the past few years, this industry has been affected, and this doesn’t look any better. Individuals on a driving journey will rest in a motel for a night after getting tired. This has created a lot of revenue for the hotel industry over the years. When people start using driverless cars, they will be no need for resting in a motel or staying in a hotel room for the night. Travellers will rather stay in the vehicles throughout the night for the night. They will spend less time and money in the process which is important.

Airline businesses are among the enterprises that will have profit losses. This is mainly for the airlines that have particularized with domestic flights. Individuals will go for the domestic planes to avoid wasting time on the road and getting exhausted. A traveler that uses a driverless car is guaranteed of a safe journey, and thus they also have enough time to prepare for meetings.

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